Local Interest Story

University Place Prepares to Open After Months of Delays 

by: Lauren McMillen & Danielle Mastro

The following was produced for a journalism class at West Virginia University. 

MORGANTOWN, W.Va.- What started as a dirt and gravel lot has now risen ten stories high above the ground. The new University Place Housing Complex is almost ready, but for students like Ian Grife, this announcement comes all to late.

“We called over the summer and asked if it would be ready. But they still would not say that it would be ready on time. Then I got the e-mail saying it wouldn’t, so I was frustrated and annoyed,” said Grife.

Yet, Ian is not the only one.  Nearly 600 students were told they would be able to move in by August 15.

David Martinelli is the project director for University Place Housing. He said the harsh winter that Morgantown saw in 2013 created some unexpected problems.

“It was inconvenient, but we think when the students see it and see the quality all the way around, they are going to see that it is worth the wait,” said Martinelli.

In the meantime, West Virginia University put three temporary housing options in place. But for now, students are looking forward to everything their future home has to offer.

“I’m excited about the location and being downtown where everyone is and not having to drive or worry about getting to class on time,” said Grife.

But it is not just the location. Once you open the door to the complex, it looks far from college dorm life.

This $80 million dollar project features everything from granite countertops to brand new appliances.

All of the apartments are completed, but work is still being done on some amenities.

A Sheetz is going on the ground floor, the largest of its kind, along with a fitness center, sports bar, and other retails.

“We believe it will change the culture in many ways for the University by providing a 1,000 students this kind of access,” said Martinelli.

WVU officials are expected to announce the official opening date by the end of October.

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Students were able to move into University Place on November 19. Students can also remain in temporary housing for the rest of the fall semester until January. WVU provided free moving services to help assist students make the move.

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