Long Recovery Ahead for Battered Region

JRL 115


News Reaction Paper: Wall Street Journal 

This Wall Street Journal article discusses the toll of damage that Hurricane Sandy played in the Northeast. This natural disaster caused much havoc across fifteen states in the United States. New York and New Jersey were the two states that were hit the hardest by Sandy. Severe flooding, ravaging fires, and no electricity caused damage to thousands of homes, cities, and took the lives of more than 70 people. The damage caused by Hurricane Sandy makes it a storm to be recorded in history books.

Mainly, I found this article discussed the amount of destruction implemented into several battered regions. The article was written very well with an unbiased point of view. True facts about what occurred and the efforts to stabilize recovery were simply stated. The reporter did a great job of writing on a simple level as to where the average everyday person could understand and comprehend the article. The article provided information from a wide range of various sources, including President Obama, Mayor Dawn Zimmer of Hoboken, NJ, and local citizens who braved the storm. The writer did a great job at getting several different perspectives from citizens in different areas impacted by Hurricane Sandy. This style of writing brings a sense of sympathy to the article and makes it more relatable to readers. Hurricane Sandy caused New York City to come to a stand still. Subways, buses, and all forms of transportation came to a halt. The storms caused millions to be stranded without any gasoline. Mike O’Leary, vice president of Raceway Petroleum Inc., based in Piscataway, N.J., said only three of its 50 stations “were able to reopen with power restored” to run gas pumps.”We’ve never seen anything like this,” he said. By pointing these facts out, it shows the depth of severity that Hurricane Sandy brought to the Northeast.

Overall, the article greatly captured the main sense of severity and impact of this storm. I found the article covered this story in a clear and informative manner.The length of the article was good because it provided enough information, without being redundant or lengthy. The article captured the timeline of events in a precise manner. Although, considering the Jersey Shore and the Rockaways in Queens, NY were two areas that were hit the hardest, I would have added some in-depth reporting into the article about these two areas.


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